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How Rules Create Freedom

Rules, responsibility, discipline, are all words that are typically associated with constraint and limitation. However, when looked at through a different mindset you will find that these words are actually very freeing. Here is an example of just how that can be.

Rules in Chess

Think about a game of chess. If you haven’t played chess before there are a lot of rules but here is the basic idea. You are limited to playing within the 8 space x 8 space chess board. You are limited to a set number of pieces, and each of these pieces have rules about their movement. Each player plays one turn at a time, and the objective is very clear (capture the king).

Without these rules chess would be impossible to play, there would be no turn order, no playing field, and no limit to the number of pieces. In addition to lacking structure, the game would also lack an objective. What are you trying to do? It would be the equivalent to watching a basketball game with no hoop!

However, with these rules there are nearly infinite ways that the game can be played. Strategy can be formed, tactics can be deployed, and at the end of the game there is a clear winner. Rules help define possibilities and without them it would be very difficult to get anything done. More rules create more freedom and potential.

The rules of the financial game for business owners are changing. Supply Chain Finance is no longer a product limited to large Fortune 500 companies. If you want to improve the cash flow of your business, reach out and learn more.

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