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Supply  Chain Finance Association Advisory Board

President - Rodney Schansman 


Rodney Schansman, CEO, is a 30-year veteran of B2B trade finance, with overlapping experience in private equity. Currently serving as leadership for Bigcart, Rodney has extensive experience, previously serving as FTRANS' CEO, Rodney has also, along with JV partners Kleiner Perkins, Euler ACI and Texas Pacific Group, co-founded Finacity, Inc., a technology-enabled receivables securitization company.

He was instrumental in the start-up of several other healthcare management and supply chain finance companies, to include ProviderWeb Capital, Inworks Servicing and Prime Revenue. Rodney has held senior positions within Bank of America specialized lending group and equity partners with experience deploying the bank’s capital in strategic investments.

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Board Member - Stephen Weed

Stephen Weed is the founder and CEO of Prime Financial Recruiting, an executive search firm that finds top talent for companies in Factoring, Asset Based Lending and Purchase Order Finance. Stephen’s early career included Engineering with Bells Labs and Lucent Technology. 

Stephen is proactive in helping his clients embrace coming Fintech solutions that provide better value for their customers and is an advocate for Supply Chain Finance’s expansion in the US.

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Board Member - Andrew Bertolina

Andrew Bertolina is the founder of Finvoice/XEN, an enterprise SaaS dealing with best-in-class online lending software to the asset based lending industry. Collaborating with deeply experienced individuals in some of the world’s top tech and finance institutions. The team’s current goal is to allocate designs, technologies, and data to revamp and enhance small business lending.

Finvoice is supported by Stanford University’s StartX Accelerator and the Envestnet,  Yodlee Incubator, and VC Fintech, the accelerator program sponsored by FIS.

Board Member - Robyn Barrett

Robyn Barret has more than a decade of experience in factoring and commercial finance. With a knack for numbers and a passion for finance, Robyn began her career as a certified public accountant, working for a subsidiary of Greyhound Corporation and Dial Corporation. Her first venture into the Financial Services industry was at FINOVA Capital Corporation, where she learned about the various challenges small and mid-sized businesses face when trying to secure funding. This knowledge prompted her to found Arizona-based FSW Funding in 2001.  Oxford Bank acquired FSW Funding in 2022, where it has since become part of Oxford Commercial Finance.

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